Baseline Network's Audience Demographics

Tennis participation is at an all time high!  There are over 30.1 million player in the United States (Tennis Industry Association).  Baseline Network will give you access to this active and affluent demographic.

Participation: Up
  • Total participation broke the 30 million mark in 2009 (a 12% increase to 30.1 million, against 26.9 million in 2008).
  • Total play occasions surpassed 600 million for the first time ever (up 33% from 2003).
  • Frequent players (those taking to the court 21+ times annually) now number 5.62 million – 23% higher since 2003 – and now outnumber frequent golfers!
  • Former players rejoining to the game is up for the third year in a row, with nearly 7 million coming back to tennis
  • The median household income of members of the United States Tennis Association (USTA) is $117,100.
Sales: Up
  • Unit sales of tennis racquets rose 9.5% to 4.5 million units in 2007 (a 4-year increase of 42%).
  • Ball shipments are up 16% since 2003.
  • Unit sales of YOUTH racquets increased 21% to 1.3 million units – an 80% increase since 2003!
  • Unit sales of tennis balls are up 3.3% in 2007 (17% since 2003).
  • Tennis tournament attendance continues to grow. The US Open is the highest-attended sporting event in the world.

SOURCE: Tennis Industry Association 2009,  and the Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association