Why become a Baseline Network Publisher?

Maximum Ad Revenue For Website Publishers

With Baseline Network you can monetize your websites, blogs, instructional pages, leagues, team/player management and social networking sites instantly. We can connect and serve relevant ads on your web pages that your visitors will find value in, and get paid for each impression that you provide the Baseline Network of advertisers.

Maximum Revenue
Our commitment is to help you earn the maximum yield for your display ad inventory by giving you expert tools to earn the highest payouts and effective CPMs possible.  With Baseline Network serving only the tennis and racquet sports we are able to maximize advertising rates which creates the highest payouts possible! 

Dedicated Sales Team
Our experienced national advertising sales team consistently generates high quality, high performing campaigns from recognizable brand advertisers in the tennis and racquet sports industries, giving you the benefit of a top-notch sales force selling your inventory.  We have been working with these leading advertisers in the tennis and racquet sports industry for over 24 years.

Do you manage your own advertising Sales?   See why you should use Baseline Network versus going it alone.

Advanced Technology
Our advanced user interfaces, optimization technology and reporting systems give you all the controls needed to ensure that you earn the highest revenue possible.

Referral Rewards Program
Earn additional revenue through our referral program.  We pay an additional 5% payout for 3 months for all new referrals.

Key features and benefits for publishers include:

  • Non-exclusive relationship
  • Quality advertisers that are major industry leaders in the tennis industry
  • Increases traffic to your website with ads that are valuable to your audience
  • CPM (Cost per 1,000 impressions) based advertising campaigns
  • Total control over campaigns – ability to approve or reject advertising
  • Advertising Portal to manage your advertising inventory
  • Ability to manage your own unsold inventory (or run your own house ads)
  • Flexibility and scalability – we can manage some or all of your inventory
  • Paid every other month (6 times/year) via Paypal or Check

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