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Intennis INTENNIS is a tennis portal-plus. Everywhere you want to go and need to go in the international tennis community is available through INTENNIS.com. The Video Magazine provides video features from instructional to informational to educational to just plain fun. Each segment of INTENNIS, from the Video Magazine to the World of Tennis, brings you to a different tennis destination. The "Equipment" Segment allows an INTENNIS visitor to view the products of over eighty different manufacturers of racquets, balls, string,fashions, shoes and tennis courts and gear. The "Club without a Court" Segment offers direct access to the social world of tennis with personalized profiles and video pages for players and fans, professional to newcomers to the sport. The "World of Tennis" is a click of the mouse away from the websites of the members of the International Tennis Association, the thousand- plus US based Community Tennis Associations, as well as to the USTA, its Sections and read more

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Tennis Tonic An online tennis club specialized in helping people playing tennis. read more