Don't Go it alone... Use Baseline Network

Want to go it alone on your website's advertising? Think again. The opportunity is so much greater and easier for you by joining Baseline Network. Here’s why in a Pro’s & Con’s format.

  1. Generate revenue from your site with little or no effort!
  2. Have large national brands advertising on your site and generate more traffic to your site due to SEO.
  3. “Coolness” to your site!
  4. Dynamic energy infused into your site!
  5. Spend more time on the game of tennis and not managing your site.
  1. Work to sell the ads on the site & possibly hire and manage a dedicated sales person.
  2. Manage the ads, invoicing and collections with the advertisers.
  3. Placing the ads and negotiating the deals.
  4. Time!
  5. Less Money!

Bottom line, Baseline Network offers tennis websites and advertisers a way to work with one another with minimal or no work. Most tennis websites are run and managed by tennis players and/or tennis fans as a hobby. Baseline Network will transform your tennis website into a business!

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