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Site Category: Player Management is simply the easiest, most user-friendly place to manage all aspects of tennis.  MatchTime's core modules streamline team management, league management and tournaments!

Tennis Team Management for ALTA, USTA, CTA and Flex Leagues and Matches... All in One Place
  • Create New Teams & Playing Schedules in Minutes.
  • Easily Manage Players, availability, lineups, points and Division standing.
  • Powerful Time Savings tools like google maps directions, Player confirmations and integration communications.
  • ALTA Tennis League? Sandbagging rules built-in.

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Pickleball Team Management... All in One Place

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  • Built specifically for Pickleball Teams
  • Easily Manage Players, availability, lineups, points and Division standing.
Robust League Management
  • Get more teams & player participation with superior team management tools for captains!
  • Complete League Management System from registration through playoffs
  • Unlimited Players, teams & leagues
  • Time Saving tools make management and communication easy
  • Superior to spreadsheets, pen & paper, calendars and other software

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Tournament Management
  • Fully Integrated from Registration through the Final Round!
  • Unlimited Playing Levels and playing formats (doubles/singles)
  • Integrated Registration & Payment Module to maximize signups
  • Intelligent brackets create byes automatically to simplify the process

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Tennis Tonic
Site Category: Player Management
Tennis Tonic



Tennis Tonic was conceived by a frustrated guy who was having a hard time finding tennis players when he was travelling around the world.

So…he had the idea of creating an ONLINE TENNIS CLUB to help people to find tennis players and play as much tennis as possible as easily as possible. Soon thereafter everything evolved and Tennis Tonic became a platform for players, coaches, clubs and shops.


In Tennis Tonic we believe that tennis is about:

1- Having fun

2- Fair Play

3- Being fit and competitive

Given that we are 'very Tonic' :-) we think that tennis should help people to boost their fitness and stay active.



The best way to compete, improve, meet new people and have fun (!) is to participate in competitions. For this reasons we have developed a simple and completely automated system to organize and participate in competitions (tournaments or ladders).




Coaches are one of the most important elements of the game for beginners and pros. 

We have developed a tool to easily find and contact them. Furthermore, we have been developing a wealth of systems for tennis coaches to promote their activities for free.



You can't do much if you don't have a court. Sometimes you can have access to a court or a club, but you aren’t aware of players nearby who might be good to play with. We are also helping out in this area.

In Tennis Tonic you can find a map where you can find courts in your area and the people who play there. A great tool to meet new people without travelling long distances.



Tennis Tonic is much more since you can also find shops, access a “buy and sell” section, see news, videos, participate in a forum and much more


We wish you a wonderful tennis experience. Play more tennis, stay active, 'tonic' and and have fun!


Please note that Tennis Tonic is licenced to and operated by Tonic Consulting Pte Ltd based in Singapore.

You can contact us at


Tennis Tonic Team